Scope Of Internet Marketing In India

Internet marketing is very interactive field of making money online its scope is very vast and there are 1000s and millions of websites being developed and promoted in search engines like Google, Bing and yahoo if you are internet geek and have deep interest in how to make money online then you can make your dream comes true join any multimedia course in web designing as web designers are being very popular these days as every entrepreneur wish his website to look professional and beautiful. You can start your blog and post interactive tutorials, articles and join programs like Google adsense and yahoo advertising media etc and if you have good amount of daily visitor traffic and if visitor click on advertisement shown in your website using Google adsense like programs then you are actually making money online. If you are web developer then you can start your own web directory, forum or community site or even online shopping mall like ebay, amazon etc.
Role of internet commercialization in common people living in india
Marketing. Many issues of marketing offline are relevant to online electronic commerce- for example Cost benefits of internet advertisements and different competitive internet marketing strategies ranging from digital marketing strategy to interactive kiosks.
Consumer behavior and its psychology. Indian customer behavior Is the key to the success of Business to business and business to consumer trade, but so is the behavior of the Indian shopping sites or digital sellers like futurebazaar, india bazaar online, homeshop18, radhikasarees, nerexplaza. The relationship between cultures and Indian consumers attitude in internet marketing is the great example of a good research issue in the field of search engine marketing.
Finance. The Indian finance market and Indian banks are one of the major and most dominant player in the arena of digital market or internet marketing india. Also, financing arrangements are part of good online transactions. There are issues like using the internet as a substitute for a stock exchange and click frawd in online stock dealing.
The information systems department is usually responsible for the deployment of Electronic commerce. It covers issues varying from system analysis to system intergeration, implementing, planning, payment system and security. The back office operations of E-commerce transactions are similar to other transactions in compliments . Auditing electronics dealings presents a real internet marketing challenge for the accounting profession so does the web development of methodologies for cost benefit justification. Legal and ethical issues are extremely necessary in the arena of world wide web and internet marketing. A vast volume of legislative bills are pending and many ethical issues are interrelated with legal ones such as privacy and intellectual property.

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Economic Instability Drives Gold Investment

During times of economic instability, investors naturally seek to find a way to minimize any potential losses and invest in assets that will hold their value. One such investment is gold, a traditionally popular choice during economic volatility for a number of factors.

Investors during these periods often look to diversify their portfolios away from the stock market which fluctuates with the economy and is therefore at risk of crippling losses of value, losing money for investors over years or even decades. Gold is an obvious choice for many investors because gold is not linked to the economy in the same way that stocks are. As gold has been used as currency across much of the world in the past, it is not tied to one particular government or economy, which causes it, in effect, to be a global, international form of currency. While it is not impervious to fluctuation, these changes aren’t linked to economies and therefore much less likely to lose investors’ money during a downturn.

Gold does not depreciate in value, partly due to the fact that it is not only an internationally recognised currency but also a commodity. Hence, during unstable periods, gold is a wise choice; stocks can fail but gold will not, or at least not to such a drastic extent. It will always be in demand, not least because large markets like the electronics industry and the jewellery market use it extensively.

For the reason that it acts as a hedge for inflation, gold is seen as a ‘safe’ investment. When stocks and bonds decline, it often follows that investments like gold, which have intrinsic value, actually increase in worth, and are therefore less likely to cause losses. When the economy is suffering from negative interest rates, a situation whereby inflation is higher than the nominal inflation rate, gold is often a sound investment. In these cases saving with a bank is often seen as more high-risk than owning a tangible asset.

Although investing in gold is not a completely sound method of avoiding economic instability and does not ensure fully a hedge against inflation, it does have a proven record of minimizing losses during these times. This is evidenced by the fact that gold held its value through the worst of the last century’s economic crises, the Great Depression and World War Two. This established testimony to gold’s ability to hold its worth is a significant aspect in the tradition of investing in gold during economic problems.